Updated 3/1/2012

Q) I wanted to confirm that we are allowed to change vlans during the competition.  I know you mentioned it on one of the conferee calls, but just wanted to make sure.

Q)I also had a question about the scoring engine.  I know it changes ip addresses randomly, but does it use private ips?  In firewall 101 we are taught to block any RFC 1918 addresses coming from the outside and I was wondering if that would disrupt anything.

A) For both you question he is my answer. Once you change any setting to the network. You could break the scoring engine. So think about it, and be careful.

Q:Can you tell me the exact models of the Cisco equipment used at competition? 

A: This is what is was told.
Cisco 2811 Router with IOS C2800NM-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M, Version 12.4(24)T1
Cisco Pix 515E with Security Appliance Software Version 7.2(1); ASDM also loaded
Cisco 2950 Switch with C2950-I6Q4L2-M, Version 12.1(14)EA1a

Q: Do we have to follow injects exactly, or can we still get credit if the objective is met. Ex: Say the inject says to start a public facing web server on a Windows Box with Joomla, but instead we put it on the Ubuntu server with wordpress.
A: That is up to the chief judge.

Q: Assuming the boxes are already compromised, does the red team only have external access to the teams networks (ex: they have to go through the router) or do they some how have internal access?  In other words, can we assume our infrastructure is safe?
A: I would assume red team has externa, and internal access.

Q: Is the red team allowd to use the same IPs as the scoring engine or are the limited in scope?
A: Maybe

Q: If user accounts get hacked can we change the passwords right away instead of waiting 15 minutes? If not can we lock the accounts for 15 minutes for the password change?
A: Yes

Q: Can we can at least turn off icmp unreachable responses.
A:  No

Q: Are these the same images as the competition?
A: Yes, But may or may not having new install on them.

Q: Does the scoring engine require the services to be on the default ip address and/or port number?  Can we change them if we notify the white team?
A: No you can’t change port on services. On the IP address if sore engine allow a change of the IP, then the judge must approve it first.

Q: Can we use PAT to make the scoring engine think it was grading ftp
 A: No

Q: What services are going to be scored?
A: Sometime February

Q: Can we change computer names?
A: No, unless told by inject, or by the Chief Judge

Q: Are these the same images as the competition?
A: Yes, But may or may not having any new program install on them.


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